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Seam Seeker: Seam Position Detector


  • Detects the position of a seam on a round pipe.
  • Uses magnetism to perform non-destructive inspection.
  • Not affected by reflectance, color (shading) or lighting , because no optical components are included.
  • Detects seams even on dented or otherwise damaged products.
  • Not affected by oil or other substances on pipe surfaces.
  • Takes only 8 seconds to complete inspection, including bringing the seam into position
    (for 50-mm dia. round pipes).
  • Performs non-contact inspection.
    (The distance between the sensor and the pipe being inspected must be kept constant.)
  • Requires no complicated parameter settings (for 360-degree inspection).

Object Inspection

  • Detects the seam on a seam-welded pipe.
  • Inspects pipes produced by rolling sheet steel into a cylindrical shape and then welding the seam as shown in the figure below.