Seam Seeker

Seam Seeker: Equipment Composition and Specifications

 The main device SSF01 and a notebook PC are not integrated and need to be connected with a USB cable.
 Two AC power sources are necessary, one each for SSF01 and the notebook PC.
 The sensor probe was changed to Type SP14A from SP01.

構成物 寸法 外観

Main Device SSF01

(excluding protrusions))
Repeater and extension cables 100(W)×160(D)×40(H)mm (excluding protrusions)
extension cables:10m
Sensor probe   センサープローブ

 An off-the-shelf notebook PC comes with the above.
 Option: Communication cables 10m x 2
 Please note that the product specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

Seem Seeker: Specifications

Model SSF01
Supported OSs Windows7 and Windows8
(Please Contact us if your OS is not a Japanese version.)
Note: The software supports Japanese and English
Operating temperature rage 5℃~40℃
Operating humidity rage ~80%RH max. (non-condensing)
Power supply AC85V~240V 0.5A(body only)