Nugget Profiler

Support documentation: The factor which has on magnetic resistance

Nugget profiler
Ultrasonic type
Driver check (DC)
chisel test
The contents of
The amount of change of metallographic structure
Distance to the changing point of acoustic impedance
Mechanical strength
A thing to be examined
Only iron
Iron, Nonferrous metal
Iron, Nonferrous metal
Area which can be

The part which does not have a convex around an inspection side
(Contact area size is 18x10mm)
◎ : Single type
○ : Array type

Area where tool cannot be inserted is impossible.
Quantification of a nugget
× : Single type
△ : Array type
Distinction with

(comparison of a value in fixed quantity)
Damage to the test object
Wiping of water and oil is required.
=>Metal corrosion
A bend occurs. Tapping-back is necessary.
=>Metal fatigue
Inspection of three sheets

(Inspection from surface and back side)

(Inspection from surface and back side)
Application to
High-tension steel

(Those with a possibility of cracking a welding part. )
Inspection time