Nugget Profiler

Equipment Composition

This equipment is composed of the following four parts.
- Main body (including PC) : hardware control, function of preparation of exciting voltage pattern.
- Tablet PC : data analysis and man machine IF functions.
- Sensor probe : generating magnetic flux and data acquisition functions.
- Handy switch : trigger function of inspection data recording.

Equipment Specifications

Type name
Inspection welding diameter 3 mm to 7 mm [Indentation diameter 8mm or less; Effective sensor width: 11 mm]
(The equipment may support the ranges other than the above. Please inquire us.)
Applicable chip R electrode
Specimen sheet thickness
(Thickness of one inspection side )
0.7 to 2.3 mm
(The equipment may support the ranges other than the left. Please inquire us.)
Specimen sheet type 270 to 980 MPa
(The equipment may support the ranges other than the left. Please inquire us.)
Specimen sheet surface treatment No treatment, electrogalvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing
(As for the aluminizing. please inquire us.)
Number of specimen mating sheets Two sheets, three sheets
(Inspection from both sides are necessary.)
Sensor edge material FR
Data storage XLS form
Setting of inspection condition Set in the inspection screen.
(The setting contents can be stored in the file.)
Judgment method OK/NG judgment, The diameter of a presumed nugget
Option Navigation mode, Inspection record management
Product configuration and
Main body 350x255x100 mm
Weight 5.4kg
195x164x28 mm
380g (without battery)
560g (with battery)
Relay box 100x160x 40 mm
Cable length 10m
Weight 350g (Excluding cable weight)
Not be attached.
Sensor 100x 20x 20mm
Cable length 1.5m
Weight 200g (Including cable weight)
Handy switch 27x120x 20 mm
Cable length 1.0m
Weight 80g (Including cable weight)
Operation temperature range 5°C to 40°C
Operation humidity range Up to 80%RH (No condensation occurs.)
Power supply AC85V to 240V, 0.5A Two kinds of power supplies selectable.
(1) AC85V to 240V, 0.5A
(2) Battery (7 size AA Ni-MH battery)