Nugget Profiler

Nugget Profiler, product background

The conventional quality control of spot welding,
- Guarantee of quality => Breaking test
- Quality identification => Driver check (DC)

The inspection method replaced with this Driver check (DC) is proposed.

Practical application of non-destructive inspection using magnetism.
A nugget can be quantified

Merit of Nugget Profiler


  Performs inspection giving no external damage to the subjects.
 It has the function of quality traceability.
 It can inspect even high-tensile steel.

The problem of a driver check

 usually steel (270MPa,440MPa); A bend arises around a nugget and metal fatigue occurs.
  high-tensile steel(780MPa or more); It cracks on a nugget or the outskirts of it.
 For the reason, welding intensity falls.